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loosing saved passwords

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This happened twice now. The first time, it seemed to just happen. I went to login to pay bills and none of the passwords were saved. This time, Firefox said I needed to re-sign in to sync and so and I did, and now all my passwords are gone again. Any help on why this happened and/or how to keep it from happening is appreciated.

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It appears from your question, that you are using Firefox Sync as a back up service. This is not what Sync is designed to do. The Firefox Sync service takes a copy of the data you wish to include and transfers it to a second device (typically a mobile device such as a tablet or a telephone) running a copy of Firefox. The storage in between all attached devices is both temporary and fragile and is not stable enough to be (and is not designed as) a reliable backup service.

If you have a copy of your Firefox profile for desktop Firefox, you may be able to recover your bookmarks and other data. Please have a read of these article.

If you have a copy of your data on a mobile version of Firefox, please follow these instructions to connect it to Firefox Sync to copy your data.

If this is not correct let us know.

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I am mostly using it to backup my passwords, but that still doesn't fix the issue that it just deleted all of my saved passwords. Is this just something it does, is something wrong, or did I do something?

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Hi, yes you were using Sync as a Backup and that is not what it is for, it is to Sync between devices. So you start sync, it uploads and transfers to the other device. It is not meant to hold onto the data that you up load, it is meant to transfer the data.

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If you want to backup, I have already provided the URL's on how to do that. You can email your bookmarks to yourself at a alternate address if have a online account. I have been doing that since 1995 with mine and still using the originals.

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Yes, I understand that. I'm just wondering if there is anything I did to cause the lose of my saved passwords or something wrong in Firefox?