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How can I stop Firefox from spamming volume manager controls?

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After opening and closing Firefox a few times, it spams volume manager instances. I've tried updating the browser, uninstalling it and reinstalling it however nothing seems to fix it. Below is a screenshot which helps to describe the issue I'm having.

I'm aware Firefox uses multiple processes but I think having this many volume manager controls seems like it's either a bug or un-neccessary.

Thanks in advance for reading this far.



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How many other tabs do you have open?

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When that screenshot was taken I had no more than two tabs open. I generally have maybe 5-6 tabs at a time however.

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it has not been fixed for me and i use version 61

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Hi shminkie,
TyDraniu's post was marked as the solution by the person who asked the original question (Hydrogen6246). Your issue may have similar symptoms, but it is likely a different cause/solution. You should use where volunteers can get more details about your setup.

Because this thread is solved and more people might start using it for their own questions, I'm going to lock it.