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ill placed certificates names in mozilla still there.What to do?

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mozilla security blog mar 25 2011 This is a follow-up to the previous Mozilla report about the fraudulent certificates issued by Comodo last week. On 15th March 2011, a RA partner of the Comodo CA suffered an internal security breach (Comodo incident report). The attacker used the RA’s account with Comodo to cause 9 fraudulent certificates to be issued. The domain names of the certificates were as follows: (x3)
   global truste

(and the rest, see link) I still found all certifacate-domain-names in mozilla I only deleted global trustee. What to do with the rest ?

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If you were to view the global trustee certificate for example you would see it is distrusted by default. The other domains names were of the certificates at the time.

Just because certificates is in list (servers) does not mean it is trusted or has be revoked.

For example DigiNotar certificates is listed yet it is not trusted for a long time now as was mentioned in below Release notes.

Mozilla takes security with Firefox and Mozilla stuff very seriously. They are more open compared to other companies so people have a good reason to be up to date.