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What is this ( ) i can't get rid of it help

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To whom it may concern I have been experiencing what I think is malware on my iMac running El Capitan OS 10.11.5 I keep experiencing what I think our ghost Pages and I am constantly being redirected on two sides that copy the appearance an HT GPS Secure websiteeven though I have installed UBlock,Cleanliness 2.7.1 and "Https everywhere" my email Address Head I noticed been changed and I didn't change it. Also every time Computer asks for Flash player and I change the settings Block camera and microphone settings it only takes sometimes minutes again interchange it back to ask me and not Block all sites from using cameras and microphone. This occurs with both Safari and Firefox. I am running the most current up-to-date Firefox/Mozilla update 46.0 .1 I am trying to upload screenshots better idea and a more succinct Picture of my issues but for some reason are you currently watching spinning wheel go round on the upload images box. I am tired of writing this I'm going to send as is you can get a picture of what I'm doing with so you can help me.

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