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Firefox crashes

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Whenever I try to attach a document to an e-mail in Gmail FireFox Crashes. I've started FireFox in Safe Mode and it still crashes. I'm at my wits end. This has been happening since I upgraded to Windows 10. Any help or suggestions? This only happens in Firefox. Attaching works in Chrome and Edge. I have a Dell Insprion 580

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hello, could you provide your latest few submitted crash reports? please enter about:crashes into the location bar, copy the latest few report ids from there starting with bp- & paste them here into a forum reply. this will give us a better understanding what may be triggering those crashes.

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thanks, can you reproduce this in a new profile for testing purposes as well? Profile Manager - Create, remove, or switch Firefox profiles

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A new profile did not work. Here is the crash report:


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does dragging and dropping a document from explorer into a the gmail message-pane in firefox as well?

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That does seem to work. I can use that work around for now, but would like a solution for this issue if possible.

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could you think of anything that would set your configuration apart in regards to that "Open file dialog": any third party plugins that hook into explorer to enhance it, any strange network locations as default folders, etc...

unfortunately this kind of crash is very rare (32 occurrences in the past year - out of many hundreds of millions of crashes), so it probably wouldn't be on top of the agenda to fix for mozilla's developers. however if you are able to reproduce the issue reliably you could file a bug for it at