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in firefox 44 how do i turn of "invalid property values"

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In the new firefox 44 application within inspector I noticed that now I see all my old styles showing up crossed out in particular the ones that are being over ridden by newer styles. While this is good to know, it's very annoying to have to hunt for the style i'm trying to edit is there a way to turn this off?

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Hmm, something new:

"From Firefox 44 onwards, the Rules view displays all authored styles, including styles that are not supported or that are invalid."

I would think the higher precedence rules are listed first, making them fairly easy to find, but in some cases, that may not be true. Did you try the magnifying glass tool?

In a quick glance at the devtools.inspector.* preferences in about:config I didn't see any that would seem to allow you to pref off this new behavior, but I could have missed something.

Maybe raise the question or the need for a preference here: