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Does the extension exist in the world of Firefox?

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None of the searches für extensions, add-ons etc. show up with the extension. It does exist for Chrome. appear in claim it exists for Firefox, too.

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According to this page uses the WebRTC web standard which is built into Firefox. Nothing to install - no extension is needed. FAQ's are here:

On Windows versions of Firefox an Open H264 plugin is needed which would have been installed by Firefox 38.0.5 & newer for 'Hello'; not sure about that plugin for MacOSX though. See if you have that plugin, and if it is enabled.

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The reason for my question was to get notifications in Firefox from every time someone enters the "room" – as Support said: "As for receiving notifications when someone enters the room, we have a system called following. If you open your room, login, and then go to room settings, you can turn on following. Once this is done, download the chrome or firefox extension, and you will receive notifications on your desktop every time someone enters your room (the browser will need to be open, but it doesn't need to be open to"

This notification is not working with Firefox, though settings are suitable.

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Can you install the extension in Firefox?

Are there any error messages in the Browser Console about this extension?

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I would try to install the extension if anybody could tell me

  1. where to find it
  2. how to proceed after that.

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You can expand all answers on the FAQ page by pasting this JavaScript code in the Web Console (Firefox menu button or Tools > Web Developer).

Paste the JavaScript code in the command line and press the Enter key to evaluate the code.

e=document.querySelectorAll(".faq-article-body.collapsed ");

You can try to contact the website via email for support. See also

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