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Firefox opening a new window instead of a new tab when I click on a link

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This morning, Firefox suggested I Refresh it to speed it up. S ince I followed that instruction, now whenever I click on a link within the web page I'm on, rather than opening on a new tab, it opens a new window. I have looked in Options, and checked the box "Open new windows in a new tab instead". But still it keeps opening a new window. This is very irritating, as I am trying to work and this is really inconvenient and slowing me down. Please help me to resolve this issue

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Hello you have downloaded is an advertisement uninstall the program and all will as before good day!

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I have been using firefox for years, why would it suddenly change? I don't want to uninstall and lose all of my bookmarks either?

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Hi, type about:config into the address bar, press Enter, accept the warning, scroll down to and make sure 'Value' is set to 3 (right click to change it if necessary, taking care not to alter anything else).

Also have a look at this article - Tab preferences and settings - in particular - Note: If you have chosen to open pages in new tabs, Firefox will ignore this option and will open a new window from a link if the page author specified that the new window should have a specific size, because some pages can only be displayed correctly at a specific size.

Hope that will help resolve your problem.

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I tried all of the above, I've reinstalled Firefox and I've checked if value set to 3 in which it is, but the problem still happens. Regarding what you say re what is written in the article Tab preferences and settings, I understand what this means. However I am using FireFox in my work. I have a CRM where I constantly click on a button that automatically opens my order system on a new tab, or email templates in a new tab etc. The tab opens next to the tab I am currently on. However ever since I was prompted to Refresh Firefox earlier, it now opens these in a new window. Therefore the size of these pages has nothing to do with it, as this was not a problem before.

This is irritating, as no I have to go from one window to another, and where I have multiple tabs open it is making my life difficult. Not happy!

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no unistall the suggested software