Firefox Focus for Android(版本8)有什麼新功能


Version: 8
Release date: December 20, 2018
Here are the changes you’ll see in this version of Firefox Focus for Android.

  • Now, when you turn Tracking Protection off for a trusted site, it stays off until you turn it back on. You can manage sites you’ve turned off under Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Advanced -> Exceptions. See Add trusted websites to your allow list in Firefox Focus to manage these settings.
  • Add a website you’re viewing to your autocomplete list simply by tapping on its URL in the address bar. See Autocomplete settings in the Firefox Focus address bar.
  • The new Focus engine, GeckoView, now supports safe browsing and will warn you when you are about to visit a dangerous site known for malware, phishing and downloading unwanted software on your device. Learn more about Safe browsing in Firefox Focus.
  • Third-party cookie blocking now includes the option to block third-party tracking cookies only (thanks to the new Focus engine, GeckoView!). To learn more, see Block cookies in Firefox Focus for Android.
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