Help, I still have questions about Mozilla VPN

Kò sẹ́ni tó ṣèraǹwọ́ láti túmọ̀ aròkọ yí rí. Bí o báti mọ bí ìsọdibílẹ̀ SUMO ṣe ń ṣiṣẹ́, bẹ̀rẹ̀ síní túmọ̀ báyì. Bí o bá fẹ́ kọ́ láti túmọ̀ aròkọ fún SUMO, jọ̀wọ́ bẹ̀rẹ̀ níbí.

If you didn’t find answers in our other Mozilla VPN articles, try the VPN Tips and Tricks section for information about popular features and troubleshooting tips for the most common issues:

  1. Open Mozilla VPN and click (or tap) the settings vpn settings icon icon.
  2. Select VPN tips and tricks.

If you need further assistance, contact us directly:

  1. Open Mozilla VPN and click the settings vpn settings icon icon.
  2. Click (or tap) Get Help.
  3. Click (or tap) Contact Support.
  4. A tab will open with a contact form. You might need to sign in to your Mozilla account first.

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