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How to find support questions

Here's how you can find support questions:

  1. Go to the question list and choose a specific product or go here to see questions from all products.
  2. Click on the Attention needed tab to make sure that you're replying to the highest priority questions.
  3. Select a question you want to answer from the list. Pay attention to threads that have no replies or where the last poster wasn't another regular contributor (top 10 and top 25 contributors are reported below their usernames).
  4. Pay attention to the user's platform or operating system. If you're on Windows, for example, you wouln't be able to answer questions from users on Linux or Mac.

Note: For more information about navigating on the support forum platform, see How to navigate and use the support forum platform.

Pro tip: To help you stay updated with new support questions, you can install SUMO Live Helper add-ons.

Complete Forum Support Guidelines

Are you interested in supporting Firefox (and other Mozilla's products) users by answering support questions? Please follow these guidelines that will help explain how we do things:

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