What's new in Firefox for Android

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Akukho namnye oncedileyo ukuguqulela eli nqaku. Ukuba sele usazi ukuba kwenziwa njani ukulokhalayizelwa imisebenzi ye-SUMO, qalisa uguqulelo ngoku. Ukuba ufuna ukufunda ngakumbi ngendlela yokuguqulela amanqaku eSUMO, nceda uqale apha.

If you recently upgraded to the new Firefox, see Firefox for Android upgrade FAQs.

You are on an older version of Firefox for Android. Update to the latest version of Firefox for Android to get the latest features.

Thank you for trying Firefox for Android. We are continually making improvements and our recent release brings you the following updates:

Version 83

  • Newly supported add-ons: FoxyProxy, Bitwarden, AdGuard AdBlocker, Tomato Clock, LeechBlock NG, Web Archives and Ghostery. See all our supported add-ons here.
  • Bug and performance improvements

Version 82

  • Newly supported add-ons: Video Background Play Fix and Google Search Fixer. See all our supported add-ons here.
  • Option to open recently closed tabs in your tab tray menu or History panel. Learn more about tabs in Firefox for Android.
  • Automatically purge cookies from sites you haven’t visited in 30 days, or cookies added by redirect from known tracker sites. Learn more about this new part of Enhanced Tracking Protection.
  • Additional support for opening links in Firefox from third-party apps.

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