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can't paste copied entries from online CSV file into Excel spreadsheet (chatted with zzxc on 5/3/10 at around 2.30 CST but got disconnected. did not get an answer ...)

Here is the transcript of a chat with Firefox community member zzxcon May 3/10 You are now chatting with Firefox community member zzxc zzxc: Hello zzxc: What happens wh… (xem thêm)

Here is the transcript of a chat with Firefox community member zzxcon May 3/10

You are now chatting with Firefox community member zzxc zzxc: Hello zzxc: What happens when you attempt to download a .csv file? seegal: hello seegal: it doesn't copy zzxc: how are you trying to copy? seegal: pls bear with me I'm a slow typist. Just copy selected text Biolizard has joined the conversation. zzxc: ok - which text are you selecting? seegal: I reconcile my checkbook (spreadsheet this way). I copy the items in my online bank acc and paste it to the spreadsheet seegal: I'm using Firefox / Have no problem to do this. zzxc: Which version of OS X? seegal: In all newer version nothing happens when trying to paste- just doesn't paste zzxc: Firefox 2.0.0.x is no longer supported, and hasn't been supported in over a year zzxc: Paste into Excel, from Firefox? seegal: Sorry, I'm ahead... / seegal: Yes. I open my bank acc in Firefox zzxc: Which version of Excel? zzxc: It would really help if you could tell me step by step what you're doing. seegal: First re: your previous question: it's OS 10.4.11 seegal: About Excell: it'as 2004 version - the lasat one produced for Macs. The specific version is 11.3.7 seegal: So I open my bank acc online in Firfox (my primary browser). I copy the latest entry in the account and paste it into my Excel spreadsheet. zzxc: so, you copy direct from the web page without downloading a CSV file? seegal: What do you mean by downloading to CSV file? I could export from the https://chat-support.mozilla.com:9091/webchat/getimage?image=sendmessage&workgroup=support%40workgroup.chat-support.mozilla.comFirefox to the CSV file, but the other way around? zzxc: Are you copying your bank statement directly from the web site to Excel using the clipboard? seegal: sI don't use the clipboard. This is a mac. There is no need to do that. In PC it would be yes. zzxc: I need to know the exact steps you're taking to get them into excel zzxc: And I need to know what exactly goes wrong in the latest version of Firefox. seegal: Do you have a mac there with Firefox and Excel? It would be very easy to reproduce. Imagine you open an online bank acc, select some entries , click "copy", than proceed to your already open Excel spreadsheet and click' paste". That's it! zzxc: When this happens, do you get cryptic code pasted into Excel? seegal: As I said before: in all newer versions starting with 3.0 when I go to Excel to "paste" from my bank acc nothing happens. It does not paste. No, I don't get a cryptic code pasted, just NOTHING.

zzxc: what if you paste into MS Word instead? seegal: haven't tried that, the formatting most likely would be lost. Tried that with an other Exc el spreadsheet- it lost all the formating and pasted as continous text.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Pls. see copy of the chat above. THIS A MAC OS X. In older versions, prior to 3.0 I could copy from CSV file on the website Ibank acc) and paste directly to my Excel spreadheet to reconcile my account.

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