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Firefox crashes whenever I open a session restore. How do i fix this?

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So, I am a tab hoarder I will admit that upfront. I have lots of tabs saved. Restore sessions within restore sessions... quite a few of them. But today I tried going through my restore sessions and my browser crashed. I attempted a million things to fix it, but whenever i try and open the restore session it crashes firefox. I even tried taking the profile and moving it to a different computer to see if it would make a difference, but it didnt. Can you help me fix this please?

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Your problem is probably caused by a conflicting extension. Copying your old profile settings to a new profile won't fix it, since the existing problem lies within your profile.

It would be helpful if you could provide us with the crash IDs.

  1. Enter about:crashes in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. A Submitted Crash Reports list will appear, similar to the one shown below.
  2. Copy the 5 most recent Report IDs that start with bp- and paste them into your response here.
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Here are my crash IDs:

bp-59ff3b66-0ff4-415a-a57d-ce4312140403 bp-5f4e716f-f4b8-4ad2-b2a7-845c02140403 bp-438119fb-c836-48ad-baf2-63cfc2140403 bp-05d48dc6-4f30-441b-8ab1-9355e2140402 bp-26ae3597-9eec-45d4-9c6f-5989b2140402

And an extension could cause a crash when I open a restore session?

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Looking up your crash reports, there is a fairly new (2 days old) bug filed for the crash signature [@ NS_ABORT_OOM(unsigned int) | nsTextEditorState::GetValue(nsAString_internal&, bool) ]

bug 553085 (Please don't comment in bug reports unless you have constructive information. Thanks!)

I'm not an expert at crash reports, but I will suggest a few things to try.

  1. Starting Firefox in Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode
  • Hold SHIFT while double clicking the Firefox icon on your desktop
  • type /usr/lib/firefox/firefox -safe-mode firefox.exe -safe-mode into your Run command (press windows key + R)

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That did not work, the browser still crashed when I opened up the 3rd restore session. Any other advice?

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The only other thing I would suggest is to create a new profile.

I've already left a comment on the bug report and as it's fairly new, I would hope it comes to a solution soon.

I've already escalated this thread to the SUMO Help Desk but since it's the weekend they will most likely respond on Monday.

How many tabs are you restoring?

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A lot! Restore sessions within restore sessions. At least 10 restore sessions inside restore sessions. And lots of tabs with each one. I lost count, sorry.

I could make a new profile but I also don't want to lose my tabs/restore sessions...

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Hey, I apologize for the delay on this, please make a copy of the sessionrestore.js file before opening Firefox again. This will save the tabs that were in the previous session.

First try about:sessionrestore page with the sessionrestore.bak file.

Technical elaboration "Firefox typically renames sessionstore.js to sessionstore.bak when starting up in a new session so sessionstore.bak contains your old session and a fresh sessionstore.js contains your new session. This means that normally there is only one previous session available at any given time. (Occasionally due to file locks or other rare problems, Firefox may create files named sessionstore-1.js, sessionstore-2.js, and so forth.) "

There are two things you can do the next time you open FIrefox: you can replace the sessionrestore.back file while it is closed first, or when you open it you can immediately go to History > Restore previous session.

Or a last resort, add hoc way of extracting the urls from the file is elaborated on in this forum thread

For the meantime, this Session Manager Add on helps save and restores sessions after crashes.

However, the issue with the crash seems to crash at a few places. There are 44 threads in some of them which just means it was starting each of those windows on the start up.

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The second to last crash is affected by this:, but was originally reported for vista. The crashes you are experiencing are 32bit systems.

What are you doing exactly to open Firefox when you copied the profile into a new computer?

If you copy the sessionrestore.js file only into the new profile folder, does this also crash?

Please post back as soon as you can :-)

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i did copy the sessionrestore.js into the new profile and it STILL crashed (sobs)

When I put it on a different computer I put the whole profile in and renamed it so Firefox would run it.

THIS time I made a new profile and put in the session restore and it wouldn't start, so i had to rename it to what the old profile was called. It still didnt let me open up the 3rd session restore within session restores... Im afraid I have zero idea what anyone is talking about here. I don't speak code very well at all to be honest.

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What is the file size of the sessionstore.js file?

Can you validate the file?

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I'm sorry, but I am not sure how to use the validators. And its about 85080 kb.

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85 MB is too large for those validators. Those sites usually do not accept files over 1 MB. Such a large size might also explain why Firefox has a problem and crashes.

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How could I shrink it? Or get the links from it?

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There are some examples of how to extract links from a sessionstore.js file in this mozillaZine forum thread.

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that only gave me a FEW of the links i had in there.

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I guess we are out of solutions here because basically all my links are gone except for about 10. And they are all from the same site for some reason. All the others are gone... *groans*

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Hi kikimaou, are you looking at the sessionrestore.js file in a text editor- the one you made a copy of? after "url" there are a all the url addresses, I also have a quick question about the crashes, do you still have a copy of the profile folder that was crashing Firefox?

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I am not sure which text editor you speak of. And yes, I still do.