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Is it true Firefox has a new CEO who is opposed to marriage equality? Bad choice. I have used Firefox for years - I will go elsewhere.

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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum but couldn't find anywhere else to ask the question. Seriously, open source is about resisting the demands that society makes on us to conform and you want to make somebody like that your CEO? I will go elsewhere.

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Both Mitchell and Brendan have both posted on the position of diversity in the workplace today.

and you can find more information on Participation in diversity here:

Also Firefox is the current name of the web browser (was Firebird and Phoenix in past years ago) as the company is Mozilla.

Brendan Eich is not new to Mozilla as he co-founded mozilla.org back in 1998.

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I'm sorry, bland assurances don't cut it. His appointment is deeply distressing. The open source community is supposed to be about openness freedom - the fact that you are prepared to overlook his views in this respect says much about the fact that we have much further left to go. I still won't be using Firefox

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Curious how you write open source is about resisting the demands that society makes on us to conform while at the very same time YOU are making demands on Firefox to conform to YOUR opinion of what Firefox should do.

If that's not the epitome of hypocrisy I don't know what is.

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ghbridge, I am not with Mozilla as I am just a volunteer contributor here like that majority of people here are.

Those links are to show what Mozila has said on this topic as some articles about the new ceo and his past donation may not have stated anything or links from Mozilla on this.

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James, I didn't say you were - I was commenting on the statements themselves, which avoid the question of his support of proposition 8 and therefore still don't reassure me. Joanne1348 - no offence, but that's rubbish - his actions in supporting proposition 8 were in direct conflict with Mozillas ethos and stated principles - calling it out is not hypocritical.

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Sorry that you aren't happy with Brendan's donation 6 years ago to support a cause that limited your rights. That said, this topic has nothing to do with support for Mozilla software and is off-topic.

As of August 14, 2013 the legal barriers to same-sex marriage in California were resolved. Or am I wrong about that? If my reading of the judicial remedy that removed the last legal barrier to same-sex marriage is correct, why not enjoy your rights. Life is too short to keep fighting a battle that you have already won.

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As the-edmeister mentioned earlier, discussion about Brendan Eich (who has recently resigned as Mozilla CEO) is off-topic for the Mozilla support forum. See Mozilla Support rules and guidelines:

* Posts in the Mozilla support forum must be either questions about the use of Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS, Thunderbird, Webmaker or answers to those questions. Users who post about things other than Mozilla support will be directed to an alternative discussion place (ex: mozillaZine) if appropriate. 

The mozilla.governance forum would be a better place for any further discussion about this topic. The Google Groups link is https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla.governance