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Why did you hire an anti-gay CEO?

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I will no longer support Mozilla and your products, the best browser out there, but you hire an anti-gay CEO. When every other company is moving forward human rights, you are going backwards. Next thing we will hear is that your gay employees that are married were fired. Shameful!

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That does not display the view of the whole organization.

Quote: Now, it’s a little harder with Eich, the creator of JavaScript, in the top job. Some Mozilla employees and developer groups have called for his resignation, as Ars Technica reported.

SEE: http://arstechnica.com/business/2014/03/mozilla-employees-to-brendan-eich-step-down/

Also note that most of the contributors here do not work for mozilla.

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Apparently this subject may be discussed on the Governance Mailing list which can be found Here. (The posts appear here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla.governance )

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OK, 'webdude', it's muppets like you (belonging to the thought-police of the fascist gay party) who want to shame, blame and turn to dust individuals who hold views which do NOT interfere with the running of a company. People of your hysterical ilk are detestable.

Mozilla's craven capitulation over OKStupid's Pathetic little protest is deeply disappointing -

Mozilla's credibility has been well and truly shot.

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He resigned, so who cares about your tolerance for bigotry. If someone had donated money to the Ku Klux Klan against interracial marriage, you would probably not agree with Mozilla's decision.

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Equating a dislike to gay marriage to the vagaries of the KKK is typical of the obscene hyper-exaggeration and zealotry that you and your ilk (in your supposed cry for free-speech, liberty and all the other guff) put out. Hypocrites one and all.

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Yeah, yeah, your stupid trolling trying to defend your bigotry is what's shameful. The fact that you put every pro-LGBT person in one box speaks a lot about your hypocrisy and your disgusting prejudices against fellow human beings.

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hello, as this thread is further and further moving away from the intended purpose of this forum, which is to provide support for technical issues with mozilla's products, i'm going to put an end here - please also refer to the Mozilla Support rules and guidelines!

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I've closed this thread. Discussion about Brendan Eich, who recently resigned as Mozilla CEO, is off-topic for the Mozilla support forum. See Mozilla Support rules and guidelines:

* Posts in the Mozilla support forum must be either questions about the use of Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS, Thunderbird, Webmaker or answers to those questions. Users who post about things other than Mozilla support will be directed to an alternative discussion place (ex: mozillaZine) if appropriate. 

The mozilla.governance forum would be a better place for any further discussion about this topic. The Google Groups link is https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla.governance

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The decision to leave was made by Brendan as he was not forced or fired. Since the moment Brendan was appointed, free and open discussion has come from a diverse spectrum of viewpoints. Mozilla is an organization that believes in openness and that no one should be persecuted for the beliefs they hold, no matter what those beliefs are. We believe in unconditional freedom and openness. That's why we support rights for everyone.