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Passwords get saved without asking for option if I do want to save the password for this site or not. So passwords for sites that I dont want saved are saved.

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I am using Firefox version 28. I have ticked the option to save passwords and am using a Master password to save and protect all passwords. Of late, I have noticed that whenever a site is opened and a password is input, Firefox just saves it, without giving me the popup option of ** IF I WANT TO SAVE THE PASSWORD FOR THIS SITE OR NOT**. This is proving to be a big problem because there are sites where I do not want the passwords to be saved but since I do not get the popup option, the password get saved. I would appreciate your help in this regard.

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Are you sure that both the Username and Password are being saved in the Password Manager?

You need to hit the Show Passwords button to see the password.

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Thanks for your prompt reply and help. But I would like to inform you, that even though the options that you had mentioned were enabled, I find that after I fill in the username and password for sites such as yahoo.com and some few bank sites ( which are supposed to secured and start with https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ) do get saved without giving me a popup option of if I need to save the username and password or not. Further, I also did go to check the saved passwords but the password isnt saved there. ( I did use the master password to view the saved passwords) I specifically ensured to ** untick ** and disable the option of ** keep me logged me in ** option in the yahoo page after typing my user name and password but then too it got saved and I am unable to find out where and how it got without giving me a popup option.

I have noticed this off late. I have been using Firefox since long and am well aware of most of the features. Earlier everytime I used to visit a new site or had any page where a username and password is to be typed, I used to get the option of ** DO YOU WANT TO SAVE THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD**.

This is missing now like I said in case of the yahoo site and some bank sites. Infact, its only after I visited a secured bank site, did I realise that the password gets saved and is not seen in the saved passwords after I go to view the saved passwords after providing my master password.

This seems to be some big bug in there. I hope this is rectified at the earliest.

Need your feedback and help to have this sorted out and brought to the notice of the technical team in case there seems to be some bug.

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Details like websites remembering you (log you in automatically) are stored in a cookie. So websites can remember you as long as you have this cookie.

You can remove the cookies from websites if you want websites forget you.

  • Firefox/Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"