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How do I revert back to the classic Mozilla Firefox format?

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I was in the classic version of Mozilla and someone used my keyboard and it is now the new useless version of Mozilla Firefox. How do I revert back to the classic version?

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You are on the "beta" channel. To switch to the "release" channel and get Firefox 28, you can download an installer from this page:


And... keep track of your preferred layout (get screen shots) so that when Firefox 29 is released, you will be ready to reconfigure it to your liking. (I think we'll get a lot of requests around that time.)

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The Release versions of Firefox from www.mozilla.org only updates to a Release version so either you were already on Beta channel due to having installed a Beta build of a Release at some point or somebody installed the Fx 29.0b1.

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Firefox doesn't care about anybody or what its users think. Consider them AOL, they'll do what ever the hell they want to do even if it's shooting themselves in the foot (eventually killing it self off, just like AOL).

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Hi Guymax, how do you know how Mozilla feels about users? You can join some of the mailing lists and read the discussion, sit in on weekly calls and hear what people are working on, or drop in on an open meeting if you're nearby. Participate in testing new versions of Firefox and give your feedback. I think you will come to a different conclusion if you take the time.

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Why do you screw up a perfectly good page,why don't you give us a choice?