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Browser opens 3 windows by itself and opens 3 new tabs for facebook. Is this malware?

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My mozilla firefox browser keeps opening 3 new windows or 3 new tabs for facebook log in or sign up page about every 5 minutes. Is this malware/spyware, a virus or something else?

It just started in the last 3 to 4 days. I use facebook and play facebook games everyday and I use Stopzilla for malware/spyware and antivirus protection. I recently bought Reg Clean Pro to clean my registry and ran it. Could it have caused the problem?

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I think that malware could be a possible senario.
It wouldn't hurt to scan your computer.
I would also recommend removing Stopzilla. According to Web Of Trust reports, this program is a scam.

If you are looking for a good free tool that you can use to scan for infection, you can try any of the following:

If the scan turns up nothing, look inside your scheduled task list and ensure that there are no websites that are set to open on startup.

And to answer your question: repairing registries can cause issues, but in this case that is not the issue.