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Memory Leak /Ghost Tabs still happening in FF28

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I have restarted, updated to 28 beta, turned off all add-ons, turned off hardware acceleration, made tabs load only when open, but STILL Firefox is sucking up to 6GIGs of memory.

This leak just grows and grows and grows. about:memory shows resources being used by tabs that I have already closed. java etc. from those pages are still running despite them being closed over an hour ago.

I know this has been a problem for years but good lord is it not time to fix it?!

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I did create a new profile, but that was on FF27, before I saw the thread that said to go to FF28 beta.

So now I've created a new one on FF28 and so far - fingers crossed - it is holding below 600mb. This is a megaton of memory for just 5 or 6 tabs, but it doesn't seem to be creeping steadily upwards to 6gigs... which is where it of course grinds to a halt.

Thanks, doing that again might have fixed it.

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type about:memory in address bar and perform analysis of the memory allocation.