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the ok button to set master password doesn't work. Why?

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Almost scammed by TeamView supposedly from Microsoft. Went into my computer to fix event logs.Wanted $109.00 now then asked if I had partial payment. So my dilemma is I don't know if what little security I have has been compromised. Not very computer literate. Installing Kaspersky today. My problem with Mozilla - tried to set master password but ok button doesn't work. Not on at all. What can I do? Thank you/

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TeamView is the name of the program that the scammers used, not the company they are from. TeamView is a legit company, but the scammers are most likely not. For future reference, most legit companies will use a paid program for get remote access to your computer.

When setting a Master Password, your password needs to fill the quality meter before the Ok button will become active.

Here is an article for more information about the Master Password feature.