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No icon for sending streams to vu+

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I have installed the appendix "Send to vu+" and Frefox has confirmed the installation, but I cannot see any icon anywhere to click upon to send something to my vu+ receiver.

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Hey JensGabe, the add on you said you installed is not in the list of add ons in the troubleshooting information.

You can then customize it in the View> Toolbars > Customize menu.

You can follow these steps for more troublehooting for the third party onehttp://www.world-of-satellite.com/showthread.php?33414-Firefox-Send-To...

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The first link brings me to the page with the Add-on. It wants me to download Firefox first, which has been done long ago. It also says "Download anyway" When I click this the computer says that it cannot open an xpi-file. With the second link I have extracted the rar-file to an xpi-file and opend it rightclicking with firefox. Clicking the add-on it says that the add-on has been downloaded correctly, but is has not. One time i succeeded somehow in getting a screen asking me for the IP address of the vu+. On the vu+duo2 I find an IP addres saying which is close to the address of the router, and another IP addres saying, but the only buttons are one saying deactivate and one saying delete. When trying to run netflix I do not find anything to click on to send to vu+.

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It looks like it was not responded to by the developer as well: http://www.world-of-satellite.com/showthread.php?35612-Netflix-on-vupl...

Maybe this will help? http://www.vuplus-community.net/board.../firefox-send-to-vu.15768/

Please post your question with this community forum as well.

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I do not get anywhere in Firefox. I click the icon for getting the plugin, and Firefox says that the Aps has been added correctly, but it has not, and I do not get to a screen, where I can write the IP address of the vu+.