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I installed Firefox Beta [Metro] but old Firefox opens - no new Firefox button to relaunch inMetro mode - how can I fix?

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The About screen shows Beta channel and version 28, but the program launching is the old Firefox - have logo in upper left instead of button, so no option to relaunch in new format, as shown in step by step instructions. Firefox is set as my default browser, and I've restarted Windows.

No joy - any suggestions, please?

Thanks very much.

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Unhappily, it didn't help - I followed all of the instructions, but the old Firefox comes up with the icon in the top left - no tab/bar as shown in the install instructions.

As I mentioned, the version shows as 28 beta channel, and Firefox is the default browser, and I'm running full Win 8.1 on an Asus Transformer Book (full Win 8.1 - not RT), but there is no Metro version coming up.

Unfortunately I don't have a full MSOffice installed, so I don't have the snip tool to show you exactly how it appears.

I'm puzzled - I have used Firefox for years. Due to all the add-ins I have installed, I would really prefer not to uninstall completely and then re-install the Beta, but maybe that's what I'll have to do if I really want to have a Metro version.

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Click the orange "Firefox" button at the top of the window, and choose "Relaunch in Firefox for Windows 8 Touch" from the menu. Here's a picture of the menu item.

If you don't see that item in the menu, make sure that you are not in a Private Browsing window, and try turning off the "Clear history when Firefox exits" setting in the Firefox options. Switching to Windows 8 Touch mode is not yet supported when these privacy features are active, because it requires Firefox to save your browser session before restarting. We're working on fixing this in a future version.

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Sorry to bother you - my problem is that I had the menu toolbar showing, so the Firefox showed as an icon, not a box. Once I unchecked the menu bar, the Relaunch option showed and Metro now works.

Now if I still had all my bookmark buttons from the desktop version available for all the sites I usually visit ... :-)

Thanks very much!