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All of the sudden I have Group Policy.Why?Want outside opinion other than Microsoft's.

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Hope it's OK to ask a Windows question like this.I just wanted a different angle on how to approach this.One day I noticed I couldn't control some user settings and it said that a System Administrator was in control of those settings.I've heard if you ask Microsoft IT they will say that it's always been there and don't mess with it.Now I've read there is a way to get it back to where it was (like know one could just come on my computer and control it!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I have not been able to get rid of this intrusive,arrogant,piece of you know what.I have never belong to any Home group or anything of that ilk.If I did that's fine at least no one would just come on my computer and start controlling certain aspects of it!!!!I can not tell you how violated I feel about this.I understand the internet was invented to connect you to the outside world and to communicate with one another.I'm also a huge security/privacy freak.So this Group Policy thing appearing out of nowhere and coming and going and changing things on my computer when ever it wants?!!!!!!,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone tell me how to get off Group Policy?Home,work,group,what ever it is?You guys have always been helpful.Thank you.

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hello Happy44, sorry but we won't be able to answer this question because it isn't related to firefox or mozilla products in particular (please refer to the Mozilla Support rules and guidelines) and we will also lack the expertise in that subject.
please see if you can find a forum dedicated to general windows issue to discuss the topic instead.

thank you for your understanding!

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That's ok.Kinda figured that.Well,thanks for letting me rant and get it off my chest.Have a good day everybody.