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Nytimes.com bug prevents highlighting, copying text in articles

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The new design of the Nytimes.com website prevents a user from highlighting and copying the text of an online article. When you highlight text and then try to copy to the clipboard, the right or left navigation arrow activates and moves you to the next or previous article.

This occurs in Chrome and Firefox but not IE.

Though it is possible that this bug is caused by an extension, it may be a bug introduced by the web redesign. Anyone expriencing this problem?

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Thanks jscher. I was able to check my settings and the default is indeed 0, so I left it alone.

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@ jscher: Ironically, the only browser in which this buggy behavior isn't present is in IE! It only happens for me in Chrome & FF.

My about:config setting for that is also defaulted to "0." I'm using FF 26.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Richard Silverstein vào

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Sometimes text is not highlightable on a page, and text-to-speech doesn't work, like on snopes.

This is due to Javascript. The page is set up so bots can't copy it.

In the address bar, you can go to: about:config - javascript.enabled

and toggle it off, everywhere, by double clicking it.

Or, try the NoScript plugin. It will stop that, and all other scripts. This increases security. You decide what runs.

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I am replying to this thread as a way to save it for later because this forum does not have a bookmark feature and I don't want to subscribe to the updates.

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Hi arminius1, you can bookmark this page in Firefox. That might be easier to find in the future than an entry in history or a result in Google.

Are you using any of the workarounds described in this thread, or have you discovered any new ones? No one has updated the status of the issue for the past 4 months, so feel free to do so.

The forum software likely will lock this thread around July 14th (6 months from its commencement).

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The star to bookmark the page is no longer positioned in the location bar, but is now positioned after the Google search bar. You can click the star on the Navigation Toolbar to bookmark the current page. The folder button next to it opens a drop-down list with the bookmarks (Bookmarks Menu button).

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"The forum software likely will lock this thread around July 14th (6 months from its commencement)."

Probably not with today's activity.

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