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Vertical scroll bar missing, resetting Firefox does not fix it. How do I get it back?

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The vertical scroll bar on all windows is missing. resetting firefox does not bring it back. You can see the scroll bar if you change the size of the window and have to quickly try to grab it, but that's a huge pain. PLease help. Thanks.

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The disappearing scrollbars are a MacOS X 10.9 Mavericks setting. See this thread for how to change them globally: why do the scroll bars quickly dissapear in firefox on OSX 10.9?

Does that fix it?

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On Mac the scroll bars can be hidden and only have them show when you scroll the page so you can see the current scroll position.

The idea is that a touch pad is used that doesn't require the scroll bars to be visible and thus have more screen estate for the browsing area.

You can make the scroll bars always visible:

 System Preferences > General > Show Scroll Bar > Choose "Always"
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i have the same problem,but i work on windows 8!what about that?plz help me!thank you!

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Hi olga, I see you posted a new question here: scroll side bar doesnt work. I think to avoid Mac/PC confusion, it's probably best to continue over there.

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I don't see how anybody would want to or could work with hidden scrollbars, when you have a separate text area that has its own scrollable area (how would you know it is supposed to scroll, or even whether you are at top, bottom or any other place within a separate scrollable area). userstyles.org is one place where you will see the need for scrollbars within text areas when the author provides more than minimum documentation. Anyway for the Windows people with hidden vertical scrollbars, it could be an inadvertent style that was added to fix some other problem.

A style such as: Real Full Screen Firefox - Themes and Skins for Browser - userstyles.org https://userstyles.org/styles/33982/real-full-screen-firefox

will only display the vertical scrollbar when you hover over the scrollbar area. If you enable or disable the style or enable/disable all styles, you will only see the change once you also refresh (F5) the webpage affected.

If you use styles with Stylish, you can quickly find out if a style is responsible by disabling all styles in the Stylish menu ("Turn all styles off"), and then reloading (F5) a web page to see if the scrollbars return.

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