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Why does not Firefox 25, 26, 27beta respond after sleep on 64bit Win7 Samsung laptop?

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I've had this problem for about 5 weeks, since early december 2013. When I close the lid of the laptop after browsing wit FF, the laptop goes to sleep-mode. When I open it again, FF does not work (open links) or does it terribly slowly. When I close it and restart, a popup says that FF is already running but not responding. Shutting firefox.exe from Task Manager works and I can start it again.

I have read all the threads about this problem and tried every trick given, but to no avail. I would not like to go back to an earlier version. I also have a Lenovo thinkpad and a desktop which do not have this problem. I have tried updating the Samsung, but no updates are available and it hasn't been updated lately, so that can't have caused this.

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try increasing your virtual memory, windows always has it very low until you really start using it ie games etc. if you have 10gb of free hardrive space then set your virtual memory to 5gb (5000)

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