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Unresponsive script when pausing Youtube Videos.

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Hello I keep getting a Warning message saying: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Warning: Unresponsive script

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://s.ytimg.com/yts/jsbin/www-pageframe-vfl2mrQyf.js:68 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now I have tried setting the script max run time for a longer duration. I have checked to see if it was any Add-ons and it isn't. I have updated the driver for my graphics card on my Surface Pro 2 and that didn't solve the problem. I have downloaded Yesscript and that didn't do anything but break youtube leaving me to uninstall firefox and reinstall it again. I have tried using the Beta firefox to see if it was and that hasn't worked either. I have done everything in all the articles that you can find which talk about fixing the unresponsive script issue in firefox and NOTHING HAS WORKED! I would have switched back to chrome but seeing as it looks and performs terribly on the surface pro 2 because Google could care less about updating it for the tablet/PC because its from Microsoft, I guess I'm stuck with this or just braving the cold of using Internet Explorer without Add-ons. I believe that Flash Player is the main culprit for this issue but I don't know how to fix it.

Please if you have had this issue and have a fix for it PLEASE reply because you are my last hope. I am currently running the beta version of firefox (YES I HAVE TRIED ALL THE STEPS WITH THE LATEST VERSION OF FIREFOX SO DO NOT SUGGEST THAT), Also I am not a coder or anything of the sort, just a troubled, a little above average computer knowledge guy who is wishing chrome worked on the Surface Pro 2.

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Is it with all sit pages, some, a few? I'm on YouTube a lot without problems. First, go to Mozilla.org for a full install. Try YouTube again. If there is still a problem, check you system for mal-ware. Later try to use Firefox in Safe Mode


Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of.

You can try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software:

Microsoft Security Essentials is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP if you don't already have one.

Further information can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware article.

Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

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This issue only happens when I pause videos on Youtube, and unfortunately none of the solutions you provided have solved my issue. When I tried resetting Firefox and starting it in safe mode and the Warning pop-up didn't show on the first video, but as I got excited I tried a second time and the Warning pop-up showed up again.

Could this issue be because I am on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with only 4GB of RAM? I haven't used Firefox with any of my other computers because I prefer chrome. If you can think of any solutions I would be happy to hear them. Thanks for you help though.

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Doesn't Surface Pro 2 run a pretty full version of Windows 8.1? Although 4GB is on the low end for a 64-bit system, unless you notice Windows getting low on memory, it probably isn't a big factor.

Since this problem occurs only under limited circumstances, I'll skip the usual Flash troubleshooting... and move into the realm of speculation.

Youtube uses a technology that chops up videos into individual bits and pieces, which probably makes videos easier to serve, but might be responsible for some glitches. There is an add-on named YouTube Center which lets disable this technology and go back to the old days of one big file. Could be worth a try.

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By the way, can you confirm that Flash is a factor? Typically if you right-click the player, you can tell immediately because the context menu for the Flash plugin identifies your Flash version.

I ask because some users have opted in to Youtube's HTML5 trial, so it's possible the problem is with Firefox's built-in media player rather than with Flash.

To check your HTML5 trial status, you can visit this page:


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Yes the Surface Pro 2 I am currently using runs a full 64-bit version of Windows 8, but I wasn't sure if because of its Tablet/PC architecture that that might be the cause of this issue. I have downloaded Youtube Center (thanks by the way this add-on is amazing) and I can confirm that it is indeed Flash Player that is the cause of the unresponsive script. In Youtube Centers settings I switched it to Flash as default and my whole browser will freeze for 10-15s as usual when I pause the video then the warning message will pop up, but when I switched it to HTML5 as default it doesn't freeze my browser at all and I have not had to deal with the warning pop-up.

 The only problem is that every so often the quality seems to drop with HTML5 which is a little disappointing but definitely better than having the browser freeze. I Also tried disabling Youtubes chopped buffering technology and it did not help at all, it actually makes my browser freeze for a longer period of time than usual, which also adds to my speculation of the issue being Flash player. What I mean by this is that with Youtube Chopped buffering enabled it freezes for 5-15 seconds where as with it disabled it pauses for a good 40-50 seconds, I am guessing this is attributed to Flash player loading more content. Thank you very much for your help, and for showing me Youtube Center. If there's anything else you can think of that would resolve this issue I would love to try it out.
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Although not every Windows system is affected, some encounter serious freezes (or worse) using the protected mode feature of the Flash Player plugin. This can be disabled by creating or editing a configuration file. Presumably you will need to use the desktop for this.

See these for more info:

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I have this problem too on my Surface Pro 2. The Warning: Unresponsive Script pops up when I first pause the video or even skip an ad then I press continue. After that, it works fine until I watch another Youtube video..... It's been awhile but I remember pressing "don't show this message again" or something like that so the Warning never pops again yet it still freezes for at least 10 seconds until it's working properly. I think I found a temporary fix but it should be suffice.

When you watch a Youtube video, make sure the first thing you use when pausing a video or skipping an ad is your mouse (use your mousepad on your Type/Touch Keyboard). DON'T USE YOUR FINGER OR PEN. The mouse and your finger/pen have different functions (ie. using your finger to scroll by touching anywhere on the screen, while the mouse can't). On the Surface Pro, Youtube is probably confused on what you just did when you pause the video by using your finger/pen which is why it freezes (don't take my word on this, I'm not a tech guy). After you pause the video using the mouse, you can now use your finger/pen and it should be working fine. But every time you watch a different Youtube video, make sure to use your mouse first before using your finger/pen. It's only a temporary fix but it's better than nothing.

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This very same script is killing Youtube speed under Opera <15. The good news is you can simply block it and it wont affect your YT experience. I think it does something to your subscription tab, but I havent noticed any missing functionality since I blocked it.

Once blocked Youtube is 100% responsive again.

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I have stopped using Mozilla Firefox as my main browser because of this issue. Essentially fixing the issue by downloading and using Google Chrome instead. If you are having the same issue described here I urge you to switch so that Mozilla gets it's act together and actually fixes many of the issues with their "browser".

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dudeware so in order to fix degraded experience caused directly by GOOGLE javascript you switched to GOOGLE browser? Brilliant.

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Hi dudeware, Mozilla is working on a non-proprietary replacement for the Flash player that should ease a lot of its issues. Not sure when that will work with YouTube, but if you tire of using Chrome, check it out. http://mozilla.github.io/shumway/

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This has nothing to do with Flash. Its Google javascript. It looks like they are actively writing shitty javascript intended to screw with other, non Chrome, browsers.

btw they just updated this script, now its https://s.ytimg.com/yts/jsbin/www-pageframe-vfltODek6.js

so its best to block https://s.ytimg.com/yts/jsbin/www-pageframe-*