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After update to Firefox 26.0 I have problem withs utf8 encoding after refresh of page

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Hello, after update to Firefox 26.0 (CS version, but as I checked, e.g. SK or LV versions does that too, I did not try EN version), my pages (written in PHP, running on Apache) after sending form with method POST starts to ignore header content-type charset=utf8 and broke the encoding by reset to win1250. In older versions of Firefox and other browsers, no such problem appear. I did some search in older messages, but without result. Could you please suggest some solution? Thank you, Lida Chroma

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HI Lida,

Thank you for contacting support with your question. If this is happening on multiple places then please provide a few examples and we are happy to investigate why it stopped working.

If it is just happening on your computer:

"Tools > Options > Content: Languages->Choose"

If it happening on multiple computers and networks:

  • This web sniffer will give the http header that is being passed on the pages that have the meta char type or the header() callhttp://web-sniffer.net/
  • http://validator.w3.org/ may help narrow down why the page is ignoring the char type.

Please let us know how this goes, we are happy to help further investigate to find what changed, if it did.