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My add-ons manager can't tell if plug-ins are up to date or let me update them.

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I can't work with any of my plugins because the plugin check says the status of all my plugins is "unknown," and offers no action except the "?research" option. I can't uninstall them, either.

I am trying to make google hangouts work with firefox, and I think I need to be able to remove or update old google voice/video plugins to do that. But I can't get at them.

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Does Google have any "uninstaller" or "updater" for its stuff?

If you don't mind deleting those plugin files by hand, you can get the locations from a different page. Type or paste about:plugins in the address bar and press Enter. For each plugin file, the physical location should be listed. Note that some folders may be hidden and in order to reach those, you may want to copy as much as possible of the path (not including the final file name) and paste that into Finder to drill down into the hidden folders.

Any luck?