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Restoring damaged/deleted bookmark

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi Rapier-

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Hi, I've just accidentally deleted my whole partition which I save the back up bookmark (.json). I did manage to recovered it from a program but it seem like Firefox unable to process it. And my Sync Data seem to be gone too. And I know nothing about json file (yeah, I did some research but it seem it's out of my range.) I guess anyone can help me?

Recovered json: http://d-h.st/OY7

Thank You,


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To repair and restore sharepoint database without need of backup file you have to use a malware removal tool. I use a sharepoint repair tool and make your file error free.

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JSON is JavaScript. More specifically, it is a way of storing data so it is easily processed by JavaScript. Unfortunately, that means that every comma and bracket is crucial to the proper interpretation of the file, and any damage to it can prevent JavaScript from properly handling it.

It's possible to mine all the specific URLs out of the file using a text editor or other techniques, and there's some possibility it could be repaired and restored normally. I didn't download your file and test (I didn't want to register on the hosting site), but check out these threads for ideas:

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Regarding Sync, when you first set up the account, Firefox provides a long code called either the Recovery Key or Sync Key. If you have that code somewhere, you can reestablish a connection to your existing account, which probably would be the most efficient way to recover. If you do not have that code anywhere but you have another device you have connected to your Sync account, you might be able to use that second device to generate a code to connect your computer. If you can describe the status of your Sync account in more detail, a volunteer more familiar with Sync might be able to help.

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Thanks for reply, jscher2000.

In fact, I also managed to recovered my Sync Key. But the data saved on Firefox server seem to be overwritten with new bookmark (that comes with newly install Firefox) data already (maybe I misclick it. :( )

Back to the JSON, I do recovered some of automatic back up bookmark too. But I can't import it to Firefox also. I zipped all the file here:


So, my hope is that - Firefox server have my bookmark before it got overwritten. - JSON made my day.

Also, I didn't know registration is needed in order to download the file from d-host. Anyway, I uploaded all my recovered JSON on Dropbox now.



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Hi Rapier-, those json files are not the original content, they seem to be random contents assembled by the recovery program. I don't see a way to discover your bookmarks in those files, sorry.

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Note that a bookmarks JSON backup (bookmarks-####-##-##.json) is a plain text file without any line breaks (i.e. one long line), so any file with binary content is corrupted.

You can inspect a current JSON backup (e.g. open in Firefox via New Tab > Open File) to see what it looks like.

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Ah, thanks god. I just tried another recovery program (EaseUS Data Recovery) and it give me the working backup bookmark. Anyway, thank you both for helping me out. :)

Have a nice day,