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[Firefox 26] Download box

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Hi, i just update today to firefox 26, and with my surprise the download box disappear, then i click on the download option (ctrl + j) and the bookmark open.

Are you devs out of your mind?

I use firefox for years and i love the separate download minibox where i can manage all my downloads, see the download speed, pause, resume and so on, why the hell you remove the best feature of your browser with this crappy bookmark/history integration no one ask? I really don't get it.

Please consider to revert this awfull change, at least make it optional so if i want to use the old download box i can use it.

If nothing will be done i'm forced to remove firefox from my pc and install chrome, after all these years with FF is a shame that you put in bad features like these withourt asking your community before.

Really disappointed, hope you revert the change.

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I'm actually using Firefox 24.2.0 ESR till is supported, after i will switch to Chrome if they don't redo the download box as before the crappy 26.0 version.

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Hi, the changes were made to improve user sentiment, this blog post has more information on this http://mikeconley.ca/blog/2013/04/02/downloading-stuff-in-firefox-its-bet...

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Nice blog post: "Downloading Stuff in Firefox – It’s Better Now"

No, it isn't, not for everyone, anyway - that's why this thread exists.

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Ehm NO. The old download box is 100 times better, i can resize, move and check all my downloads ans statistics without be forced to open a new tab now merged into the library. Who design this new unfriedly and unpractical feature have no idea at all how to manage a download window and should be fired immediately. The GUI is a core part of a browser not something irrilevant, make it bad mean your browser will be early abandoned, also changing something that the community never complained at all, is more stupid and retard.

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If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link.

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That's how I've already left some feedback. And if I want to read canned responses & blind defenses of anything the FF dev team does, I come here.

Anyways, the thread to watch is here:


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Thanks for the link.

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