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when i browse a genuine web page, it redirects to unwanted sites should i disable java

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When i browse, randomly, (in the avast web page checker shows it as good with green mark) the browser it self redirects to unwanted adult site, and when i close click the next time, i get the original page. When i browse through the firefox history, it gives index index and then redirects to the page. It is sheer unwanted browser. http://a1r25k1nuc5mj5m1wdv7prp.bioderma.name.tr/index.php?j=YndpcWF2PXZ3YmZnanJqJnRpbWU9MTMxMjEyMDYwOC03MjM3NTQzODMmc3JjPTMzNiZzdXJsPWhlbHAubG9ja2VyZ25vbWUuY29tJnNwb3J0PTgwJmtleT05N0NGNjc0QiZzdXJpPS9vZmZpY2UvbWFrZS10ZXh0LXNjcm9sbC1hdXRvbWF0aWNhbGx5LXdvcmQtcG93ZXJwb2ludC0tZnRvcGljdDEwMDc4NjMuaHRtbA== similary some index file entries then the unwanted site. i have immediately disabled java RE. Is this enough? or is there permanent solution.

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Interestingly enough, I had the same thing happen today when I clicked on a search result in Google. It hijacked my request and redirected me to this same bioderma(.)name(.)tr server. It only happened once though, and I cannot seem to reproduce it.

May I ask what kind of plugins you are using? And most importantly, what DNS provider are you using. (That is, do you happen to be using OpenDNS?)

You can test it here (it will show a checkmark): http://welcome.opendns.com 

I don't have Java enabled, never did.

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@mootoo435 It would be more helpful if you indicated if "using OpenDNS" is a good thing or a bad thing. I clicked the link you provided and got the checkmark... but what does that mean?

How does that affect solving this issue?

I too am getting redirects like crazy from Firefox. (Computer is only a couple of days old.)

Also, how can a person tell what plugins they are using? Your suggestions need more detail.