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troublesome updates

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Why do I constantly have to worry about one of your updates ruining something I want to use.

I am beginning to hate software developers at Microsoft, Adobe, Java, and now Mozilla.

And please explain why incompatible extensions cannot be removed? I want to hear this one.

_________________ you ________________________'s

Brian K Mcclung

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There are two places to control this:

  • about:config page set the app.update.silent to false
  • Go to Preferences or Options in the browser and Advanced> Update and select how you would like to control the updates. (This will give the time to review the updates before they are applied)

Its possible to create a lockfile to keep preferences in Firefox from changing: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Locking_preferences

If you have any other questions, we are happy to help. http://mzl.la/Ll3xVk I

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It is not Mozilla responsibility to update extensions for the newer versions of Firefox.
This is the job of the extension developer.

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Thank you

I'm going to state something here. Yesterday morning started out with a problem with windows update, then dealing with adobe's updates, by the time I got to Mozilla, I was furious.

I don't get driven any more by developers who think my computer is their playground. I don't do any more updates until I'm ready. In fact I check often enough on my own, I have turned off update notifications.

Now, where does that leave us. Well, I appreciate your response.

The next time that Firefox destroys a usable extension, I stop doing any updates at all.

Now, if some developer, one who actually cares about customers, figures out how to notify customers in advance about which extension might become unusable, what an invention.

Now what do we have. Do the update, you're screwed, fuck you.

Brian K

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Do check for new versions of the Extension (say at addons.mozilla.org or on author's homepage) before quickly deciding to put Firefox and or your computer at risk due to potential vulnerabilities by not doing updates. https://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox.html

Most Extensions that were compatible with say Fx 10.0 or even 4.0 should still work fine. Unless it uses a binary or some code that was changed (like download related ones recently) in the new version. Since there is other channels of development going on like Beta, Aurora and Nightly any problems with a Extension that arises can be often fixed by the Author early on or if in rare case by Mozilla if it was a regression before a Release comes about. Mozilla has at many times tried to get in touch with the Extension author on fixing the extension if possible before the next Release.

You have not even stated what Extensions you are having problems with and if you have checked for new versions.

A mod locked your other thread because of your swearing so please calm down thank you.

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The swearing is to make a point.

Which as far as I'm concerned is being ignored.

I don't really care if I get banned from the forum.

You can choose to listen to me, or fuck you guys.

My computer is not your playground, and I don't get driven by you ******* any more.

Brian K Mcclung

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Hi bkmtech,

Updates from good developers should not break any extensions, my sentiments there. Turning off automatically updating prevents silent updates as well. This can be done from Tools > Add ons > Gear button, then unchecking Update Add ons Automatically.

There is an approval process for Add-ons and Extensions and warnings on the pages that have not completed the process: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/deve.../reviews

If there are extensions or add ons that have updated that you are experiencing frustration with please navigate to the page and report it in the review button on the right column.

We hope the experience it better next time.