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Why doesn't firefox 26.0 doesn't show download window/box!

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Why doesn't Firefox 26.0 doesn't show my downloads anymore!!!!

In the last version of firefox 25.0.1 still showed the download window when using downloadhelper, now in version 26.0 I no longer see the download box. When I go to about:config my setting are as they were in version 25.0.1 but there is still no download box opening. Will this issue be fixed and or will I need will downgrade to version 25.0.1.????

Được chỉnh sửa bởi lapetite66 vào

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This is ridiculous. Why would you take away the feature to SEE YOUR DOWNLOADS?

I put off updating anything these days, not just Firefox, for this very reason. Everyone is on a kick to remove as many features as possible, you never know what's going to vanish.

Wish I had stayed on FF24.

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Pale Moon. If you are on Windows use either Pale Moon or Cyberfox - No stupid Google influenced decisions from Mozilla and customizability will also survive Australis because Australis will not be used.

Way better choices as compared with Firefox these days :)

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I'm going to try the ESR version, if that fails, Pale Moon. I'm done with this garbage. Because that is what FF has been evolving towards - garbage.

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Palemoon is based off the ESR and has custom options for power users; it's much better. Hell, some things are defaulted to the way they were in the past instead of Mozilla's changes, like the useless Tab Groups being completely removed.

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For all who still do not know.. Pale Moon will get exactly like Cyberfox Australis - the only chance to undo that massive UI change is when the Pale Moon maker adds that classic theme restorer addon to the browsercore like he did also with status 4-evar.

Pale Moon and Cyberfox are having not the resources to keep up with a custom UI - and even if they would succeed, a browser would be waiting where no addons or themes would be available in the future because of incompatibilities because of missing Australis.

Stop spreading misinformations about what is possible and what is not possible! If you want to avoid Australis, you have exactly 2 options:

1) Change browser to something else, but not Firefox related

2) Switch to Seamonkey

But i guarantee to 100% - when Australis hits using Pale Moon or Cyberfox grants you ZERO immunity and only buys you some more months time.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Exor-zist vào

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And that's why a lot of people TURN OFF UPDATES. The "old" versions..from only a few years ago, let alone a few months ago.. work fine, although "no longer supported" for "security" etc. Personally, I don't like to use a new software version until it's been out for at least two years, to get the bugs out. Rapid releases just piss people off and are buggy, to say the least. I mean, I still have FFx 3.6.21 (as a portable version) installed along with whatever version (12 up to 24 depending on which computer I'm on) works for me WITH customization such as the add-on bar, etc. as the main installed browser. They all seem to WORK the same, but some were much harder to customize than others to get them to look and work properly like 3.xx did.

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Thread will be closed for two reasons:

  1. The subject of the conversation has been turned into a discussion and not a Firefox support question.
  2. No one has replied in 6 days therefore I am assuming that the OP has abandoned his thread.

lapetite66: Feel free to open a new question if you are still having problems.


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