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Firefox Crashes, on reload it asks to install "Better Surf Plus" add-on

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Despite having two different antivirus programs on my PC, which suprisingly do work together, this one seems to have slipped through the net.... I had this problem once before whereby I was surfing the net and suddenly Firefox dissappeared, on restarting it I was prompted to install "Better Surf", which I ignored. Now history has repeated itself, firefox crashed and on restart I've been asked to install "Better Surf Plus 1.1"... from C:/program files/ BetterSurfPlus - with the text at the top: "Another program on your computer would like to modify Firefox with the following add-on"

I have ignored this prompt, and yet going to the tools>addons menu, it is listed there but disabled and no option to remove it. One of my antivirus programs detected the master DLL file and has quarantined it... but it did this with Better Surf version 1, yet somehow I've 'been updated' to a newer version.

Whilst I'm not sure if this currently poses a problem since it's in quarantine, my main query is simply:

- Where Has This Come From?

My antivirus programs disable auto-downloads, and scan everything that is downloaded - which leaves me to think that a firefox addon currently active is downloading malware through a back door. Anybody got any ideas? thanks.

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Extensions that do not have a "Remove" button are installed by other software and are not under control of the Firefox extension manager.

Such globally installed extensions are usually found via a registry scan or are installed in a location that Firefox scans for installed extensions.

You can check this key in the registry editor to see from which path it is loaded and possibly do a registry search to see if there are more entries for this program.
Be careful with editing the registry as there is NO UNDO possible: all changes are applied immediately.

Extensions installed this way need to be removed via the settings (options/preferences) of the program that has added this extension or you need to uninstall this program via "Control Panel > Programs".

Did you try AdwCleaner?


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