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How to cut-and-paste to put in another document

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I used to be able to reply to an email and it would show up in the box. I could then add my comments to this posting with the original email in it. Now it won't do it.

Also, I used to be able to go onto a site do a cut-and-paste, or copy-and-paste to put into my document.

Now I cannot do either. Can you please give me some advice as this is totally frustrating.

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How do you mean 'you can't do that?' Do you mean you forgot, or the web page won't let you do it? What e-mail are you using? Are you using Firefox or something else? Have you noticed any other problems?

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Okay, I found out how to fix the email problem with clicking on the ellipsis when I forward it. I am using Firefox and I have both Gmail and Yahoo.

But, if I find an article online that I want to cut-and-paste certain parts of, like I used to be able to do before, it won't let me do it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanking you in advance for your help!

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you can screen shot and put it in a writer office and write about it there. if you want text input or just cut the unnecessary parts on the screen-shot use paint. it will look nicer.

This is just basics about how use of getting pictures (and certain text) for documents.

there are probably better solutions for text input, but I did my best at least

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Thanks for your suggestions, but...you're talking to a computer dummy here. How do I screen shot????

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