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Firefox is not working after restart. Need to reinstall every time I am starting PC.

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Hello everyone, I was happily using Firefox untill few days ago. Since then Firefox takes about five minutes to start (you cant see in taskbar or Application in task manager, just in Processes in task manager). When it finaly opens the first window it is not responding and there just blank window). It does the same in safe mode. I tried to reinstall it several time, with deleting every Firefox related files on computer (following every relevant instruction from Support). I tried to backup my profile and start with new one after reinstall. Every time with same result: Firefox works perfectly after reinstall (even when I transfer files from old profile, every bookmark is right), but when I restart computer the problem is back.

I checked PC for malware and viruses by Avast, there should be now collision with other software since I did not install anything recently. I have cleaned registres, cache and cookies with CCleaner.

I am running 64-bit Windows 7 Lenovo E430, everything worked perfectly for half a year. Only problem I can relate to is a warning message about low free space on system drive, which occured at the same time problems with Firefox started (but it is now even true, I have 5 GB of free space on system drive).

I found other unresolved topics, one of them with same system configuration as mine. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/956861?esab=a&as=aaq https://support.mozilla.org/cs/questions/958824

Any suggestions before I desperately change to Firefox Portable?

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Did you get your Firefox from Mozilla.org or somewhere else. What Version do you have? Add-ons? If you did not get Firefox from Mozilla.org then you may have a bad copy.

Firefox In Any Language

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Why not install and try Firefox portable, it may well be a good troubleshooting step. Try running it from an external memory stick.

The threads you referred to

Some system information would help

  • How much RAM is installed ?
  • What is the total size of the Hard Disk Drive ?
  • What is the current amount of free-space in GB ? and as a percentage ?

I try not to use Windows but certainly at one stage a rule of thumb was 20-25% free space should be available. Under about 12% defragging of a disk would likely fail. A page file would need to be larger than the amount of RAM maybe 1.5X , and a hibernate file would be the size of the RAM.

  • Do not Hibernate if you are low on HDD space.

I suggest you proceed as follows

  1. Answer the above questions. I worry you have a lack of diskspace.
  2. Do a full scan with multiple and up-to-date anti-malware tools. Do not rely on Avast alone. No tool picks up everything. Report back what you scanned with and what was found.
  3. Backup and keep whatever profiles may be good or may contain recent information such as passwords and bookmarks, but do not use them yet.
  4. Download a new installer then Do a clean reinstall of Firefox, ensuring that the program folders are deleted before you re-install.
  5. Now restart, you expect the first restart to work. Close down and try again does it now work OK ?

The detailed instructions in the thread you read /questions/958824#answer-436552 should help you.

If you have continuing problems is this after a restart of Firefox, or a restart of the Windows Operating System ?

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fredmcd-hotmail: I used setup file from local Firefox site (http://firefox.mozilla.cz/), using one from Mozilla.org did not help.

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  1. I use 8 GB of RAM, I use 64 SSD (I dont need to hibernate) drive as a system drive, now there are 10 GB of free space (15%), which is probably the most I ever had on this computer :-D
  2. Working on that
  3. Done before asking
  4. Done before asking multiple times
  5. Firefox works after initial restart of OS (needed by setup). When I turn the PC off or restart OS the problem is back again.

Also Firefox portable runs from memory stick with no problem.

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You should have tried the Mozilla link http://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/ to be certain of the genuine Firefox, but the site you used looks ok.

Step 2
Let us wait for the results of the scans Step 4
Please confirm you deleted the Mozilla Firefox program Files before reinstalling Firefox. Step 5

  • Please try closing Firefox down and restarting it repeatedly.
  • Please Do use the proper Firefox menu item from the Firefox Button on the top left of the Firefox window..
  • But please do Not close down the computer or Operating System

Does Firefox restart ok, before you turn off the computer.

Please say what tools you used to scan the computer ?
Did any of them find anything ?

Please list all the other security related software used on the computer ?