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How do I scroll?

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while trying to bid on swalife.com (it is the online bidding program for Southwest Airlines), I find I can no longer scroll thru the bid lines. Everything was perfect until I foolishly updated firefox. Oh, how I wish I could undo the last update. Ironically, when I purchased my MacBoook years ago, I used Safari and Safari would not let me scroll, and SWA Tech Support said I should use firefox. Everything was great for years, the firefox "improved" to work as poorly as Safari.

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Since I don't have access to the page, could you describe the scrollable region and behavior in a little more detail. Is the page scroll bar missing? Or is it a region within the page that doesn't have the scroll bar it used to have?

Does this problem occur on any other site, maybe one that doesn't require an account?

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By the way, did you install the beta version (Firefox 26) in an effort to resolve this issue? If not, you can install the release version (Firefox 25) from this page: