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How to setup proxy

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I tried the most hidden proxy but I can't connect in proxy test it shows my IP. Who can tell me step by step guide to connect this proxy.

EDIT:Also I restarted my broswer.

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Hello, Can you please confirm what you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to browse anonymously using some proxy available on the Internet?

You mentioned your IP address is still getting displayed - can you please let us know where you are seeing this IP? Are you using some site which displays your IP and that displays your IP, whereas you are expecting the proxy's IP to show up.

is that the issue? Can you please confirm.

Thank you

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At first I get my IP on hidemyash.com with the filter of low anonimity. Then in some IP test sites it shows up same ip.Why I want proxy because i just downloaded avast and it copys my coputers name after setup then it takes to another screen to "congratz" me.I presedence privacy after that avast stuff I found a bunch of malvare ad,spyware .This was not the first time i am using avast it found a rootkit that shows there was virus in the computer before i used.(Avast was overheat my RAM while scaning thats why i removed it.

Edit:I know my zuper grammar mistakes but i am turkish and i am using ipad.