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how do I make Firefox start up when I start my computer?

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Is there a way to have FF start automatically when I start my pc?

ty, magvan

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You can add it to the Windows scheduled tasks or download a Firefox preloading software.

WARNING: Always use caution when downloading content from the internet. I will take no responsibility for any damage caused by a download. Download at your own risk!

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thanks, while you have been somewhat helpful.. you assume I know were to add Windows scheduled tasks. Which I do not. :/

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View a Windows article.

Task Scheduler (Windows)

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thanks :) One last question though.. were do I find this task scheduler? (and yes, I did look around but can not find it; even did a search in programs and features). thanks so much :)

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I am not familiar with Windows 8.
Does it have a Control Panel? On earlier versions of the Windows operating system, the scheduled tasks are found from there.

I'll do some more searching to see what I can come up with.

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Here is a site that explains what you need to know. It has the step-by-step process.
I hope that this will help you.

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Does Windows 8.1 still support the Startup folder method of launching apps? On Windows 7, you could launch a program at startup by copying or dragging a shortcut to this folder:

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

However, since Firefox would run best after your network connection is established, I'm not sure this will be more efficient than starting it manually.

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Personally, I use a Firefox preloading software that loads the Firefox program in the background without fully launching it. The firefox.exe process will continually run. This boosts the Firefox startup time.

I am not sure if the startup folder method is still supported.
I was just going to have magvan add the firefox.exe as a scheduled task set to run on the computer's startup.

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I Think i know how to fix your problem. First at the start menu type run and then type msconfig in the run application. Then a little window shows up. Click the Startup tab in the little window and there you can add some programs that you want to open when your computer starts up!

I Hope this helps