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Last two versions of Flash frequently crash

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Adobe Flash last two newest version's now using 11.9.900.117 seems to have a problem with crashing in Firefox on my Vista Desktop frequently, but with my windows 8.1 PC it also happens but not as frequent. I always send crash reports but don't seem to see any improvement in Flash versions. Other browsers ok. Do you have any idea's? I have version 24.0

Also you should be aware that when you go to update flash with the last 2 versions it forces you to install Google Chrome & gives you no option not to. Active X version update does not do this. I don't believe this is right to single out Firefox like this. I intend to complain to Adobe also. There should be a law against this type of business practice that Adobe is doing. One can only hope Microsoft Silverlight will stop this Adobe monopoly someday.


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