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Firefox keeps spontaniously adding new bookmarks

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Periodically Firefox will randomly bookmark the page I'm on without any prompting from me, and without telling me. I have no idea how often it does this, but every couple of weeks I'll scroll to the bottom of my bookmarks menu to discover anywhere from one to fifteen new bookmarks that I didn't put there. All will be pages I remember visiting within the time since I last looked, and some that I visit particularly often (like my homepage or my email page) will be bookmarked in duplicate as many as five times.

When I checked earlier today the bookmarks included (if I'm remembering correctly) Google (3 times), two or three different Wikipedia articles that I read earlier this week, my email inbox, 2 questions I'd answered on Yahoo! Answers within the last few days as well as my "My Activity" page on the same site, my email inbox (twice), my profile page on Sporepedia, and an article I'd recently read on some mythology blog that I neither follow nor recall the name of. I think there might have been one or two others, but I'm not certain. I've since removed all of these from the end of the list.

The first time this happened (that I'm aware of), there was a new separator after the last bookmark I'd actually put there and before the new ones (the new bookmarks are always added at the very end of the list, uncategorized), although I've since gotten rid of that separator and no more new separators have appeared.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you know what might be causing it, or how to fix it?

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Okay. Good to know. Now I just need a solution to try it with.

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Here is a very good test to try.

Broadly speaking try Beta with a couple of new profiles.

Here are the steps

  • Be slightly different and try the Beta Firefox currently Fx27.
  1. Create a Folder for it alongside the current Mozilla Folder, call it MozillaB
  2. Create a couple of Profiles for it, maybe call it B-test00 & B-test01
    • Leave B-test01 as it is that presumably will be clean without any bookmarks other than the handful of default ones.
    • Make B-test00 more like your current profile by over writing its places.sqlite bookmarks etc database with the current one from your ordinary default profile.
  3. Download from http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/
  4. Keep the installer somewhere easy to find. If you need to do a clean install you can use that without needing to even download it again, and a clean install of Beta does not affect now your working Firefox.
  5. Install and use the custom option to put it in the new location. If it ask if you wish to use previous information say no { - It is a long while since I used a Windows custom install of Firefox option, so not sure of the exact choices given. )
  6. Now check the shortcuts they may be ok or need sorting out you will need an option somewhere to start Firefox & Firefox Beta. (Normally one at a time, but If you want to be really clever it is even possible to run both versions at the same time. Relatively easy and may be a provide useful comparative tests but leave that for now)

You should be all set now to do some testing. The default instal and profile will be expected to misbehave.

The fresh Beta install may ( it should !!) work without misbehaving, and you already have two separate options to run it in different test profiles, that you may safely modify if necessary.

I did not give full details of each step, and links to the detailed instruction, I presume you will already be familiar with or have bookmarked the necessary detailed instructions.

When you really need all the features and bookmarks of the original misbehaving Firefox it is to hand whenever you need it. Meanwhile where possible browse and test as much as you can with the test profiles and Beta.

I am sure you will post back with how you get on or if you need any further suggestions or detailed advice.

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I'm sorry, what? You're not making any sense. What does beta testing have to do with anything? I'm just trying to solve a problem with my browser.

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You seem to have a weird problem, so a possible test can be to try the current beta that will become the next 27.0 release on Feb 4, 2014.

Bookmarks should only get added automatically without confirmation if you click the star on the location bar. All other methods would require confirmation.
So if it is happening for you then you either have some software (Firefox extension or external program) that is causing this or something in your Firefox installation is corrupted.

This thread is getting so long that it is hard for me to remember which suggestions already have been made without rereading the previous four pages.

Maybe it is time to try a new profile without modifications and import the bookmarks via an HTML backup that you create in the current profile to get a profile that is as clean as possible, so be cautious to make big changes before having tested this new profile for a while.

Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.

See "Creating a profile":

If the new profile works then you can transfer some files from an existing profile to the new profile, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over the problem.

You can use the Profile Manager to return to the old Firefox profile folder if necessary.

See also:

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Hmmm... there isn't any way to remove the star on the location bar, is there?

O'course, I rarely actually use the location bar, so that probably isn't the cause, but it can't hurt.

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I doubt that is the problem. I am not sure it is easily removed, but on future versions it is no longer in that position (assuming it goes to plan probably the change will be in Firefox 28).

You are probably better spending your time showing that a fresh Beta install with a clean profile does not suffer at all from your spontaneous bookmarks problem.

If you hardly ever use the location bar then (on one of the test profiles maybe ) customise it by dragging the whole thing off so you only have the search bar displayed.

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How often do you use Session Manager? If you add a bookmark and restore the previous session is the automatically added one still there?

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Do you mean if I delete the bookmark after saving the session, does it come back after I load that same session?

EDIT: ==================

After experimenting, I've determined that loading old sessions does not appear to have any effect on the anomalous bookmarks

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