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How do I uninstall Ask?

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With a Java update my Firefox starting site has been hijacked by Ask Toolbar, indicating itself as my standard search tool instead of the Google, which was my choice. How do I remove it?. I cannot find the name Ask Toolbar in my Windows list of programs. And it is not shown as a part of Java, so I can find no way to delete it. Are there any other names of programs that might cover for Ask? I have tried to remove Java, and then reinstall it, carefully removing the x for Ask. It did not help, Ask is still dominating the starting site, and claims to be my standard. It is so annoying! My system is Windows 7. I hope for help...

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First of all not that the Search Engine used by Firefox is the same as whatever is set in the search bar. You should be able to easily and immediately reset that yourself. That may be a useful first step as it is likely to assist you in finding information on the internet. Just click on the down arrow at the end of the search bar and choose whatever search engine you like.

Now for the uninstalling.

  1. If it is simply the ask toolbar their own uninstall instruction are here
  2. I also note you have mindspark according to your system information link aside.

Note both should uninstall from the Windows control panel. Ask even offers an uninstall utility. Quite possibly the software could be classed as unwanted and maybe some would consider it malware, but the companies are probably reputable enough to provide accurate uninstall information.

General uninstall instructions are here:

  1. Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page
  2. Note also that you may need to reset the home page and other things that were changed this is an official addon that helps with that part of the process. It will install re set things and uninstall itself.

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(Note to self
You did not list your troubleshooting details and extensions when asking this question, and we do not know for instance the preferences that have been altered or whether you have a user.js file. )

Try the uninstall steps listed above then post back with how you get on please.

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Please update to the current Firefox 24 release.

  • Help > About Firefox

The Firefox 8 version that you currently run is no longer supported with security updates.

  • It is important to update Firefox and add-ons to the latest version to get all security fixes.

You can check your extensions to see if you have Ask.comm toolbar installed

You can use the SearchReset extension to reset some preferences to the default values.

Note that the SearchReset extension only runs once and then uninstalls automatically, so it won't show on the "Firefox > Add-ons" page (about:addons).

If you do not keep changes after a restart or otherwise have problems with preferences, see: