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This started just today and was originally doing it on many pages. I turned off caret browsing and now it seems to only be happening on facebook. I looked into facebook's options and help section but that was fairly useless. I'm on firefox 9.0.1 and running windows 7 ultimate. One of my cats likes to climb on my computer while I'm using it and I don't know what he pressed but that's probably what changed it. I messed with the auto- and smooth scrolling options to try and fix it but that didn't help either.

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You may have switched on caret browsing.

You can press F7 (Mac: fn + F7) to toggle caret browsing on/off.

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Accessibility: [ ] "Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages"
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Please update to the current Firefox 23 release.

  • Help > About Firefox

The Firefox 9 version that you currently run is no longer supported with security updates.

  • It is important to update Firefox and add-ons to the latest version to get all security fixes.
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Thanks for not reading my question at all. I said I turned caret browsing OFF and facebook was the only site doing it. I fixed it anyway but thanks for nothing. And I downloaded 9.0.1 for a reason. If I wanted 23 I would have gotten that one. I don't like the newer ones.

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You shouldn't be using such old Firefox versions with known security vulnerabilities.

It is possible that you didn't succeed to disable caret browsing properly and that it was still active.
Those cursor keys should only behave differently when caret browsing mode is enabled, unless you have extensions that otherwise makes changes.

Can you tell us what in your case the problem was and how you fix it to help understand what happened?

Note the Windows also has accessibility settings that can be activated by pressing specific key (too long).