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Is there any setting to avoid printing of balnk page which is present between document.

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I am printing statement using mozilla firfox 9. It is inserting blank page after every page. It is working fine in Mozilla Firefox 22.

Below is code which i am adding before print for page break. Below code is working in IE also.

var SourceStr   = text1;
     var sPhraseList = SourceStr.replace (/Dutch-Bangla/gi, "<p style='page-break-after: always;text-indent: 18em'>Online Statement");
     text1 = SourceStr;
     var text2 = sPhraseList;

w.document.write("<HTML><BODY><pre rows='60' cols='150' style='font-family:Courier New;font-size:12pt'>"+text2+"</pre></BODY></html>");


Please suggest some solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Is there a reason why you are still using version 9?

I don't think the problem is (within that part of) your code. It's probably the case that between version 9 and 22 some update was introduced that prevents your code from being backwards compatible. You should use the latest firefox version instead.

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Top and bottom margin settings.
Header and footer turned off.