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After the update of firefox 23, whenever I click back button doesn't reload the page.

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Before the update everything was working fine, but yesterday after the update I noticed that whenever I open a page and after that I hit back button, it doesn't reload the page like before. It's annoying, because I use forum and sometimes is confusing when I open a thread and after that it still says that "new thing", the only way to remove it is to reload the page from the refresh button.

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Hi kram160, no solution was found in this thread. I haven't searched for other nytimes threads.

Meanwhile, I think the workaround would be to right-click the Back button and use the list to back-navigate, or use the in-page navigation links to return to the home page or section where you were before. That's all that comes to mind at the moment.

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jscher2000: Thanks for the response. So is this a Firefox thing? Are they aware of it?

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Hi kram160, as you scroll down on some of these sites, a script in the page pushes new addresses into the browser history. Why isn't it showing up in all browsers?? Are other browsers blocking it and should Firefox block it?? I have more questions than answers.

Unless this is something pages should not be allowed to do, then I don't think anyone will work on changing it in Firefox, and it would be left to add-on developers to find a way to block it.

But that's just an opinion of a support volunteer and for all I know this might be under discussion somewhere.

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