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downloadhelper which video streaming to choose?

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Using Firfox Downloadhelper Add-on for one particular Youtube movie, I found many video streams available. Please tell me which one of these video streaming has the highest video quality? What is the typical data file size per one minute of video play?

[360p] Full Movie).flv [Medium] Full Movie).mp4 [HQ5] Full Movie).flv [HQ36] Full Movie).3gp [Mobile] Full Movie).3gp [HQ134] Full Movie).mp4 [HQ133] Full Movie).mp4 [HQ160] Full Movie).mp4 [HQ139] Full Movie).mp4 [HQ141] Full Movie).mp4

Thank you

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The largest file size usually has the best quality, avoid .3gp videos.

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I cannot tell which has the largest file size until I started or completed the download. Which of these would you suggest I should try?

[360p] in flv

[medium] in mp4

[HQ5] in flv

[HQ134] in mp4

[HQ133] in mp4

[HQ160] in mp4

[HQ139] in mp4

[HQ141] in mp4

thank you

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Not a pro at video quality but [HQ160] in mp4 seems the best.

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Not sure of the quality. I downloaded a video today. HQ141 was 8.5MB and 720p was 44MB and 360p was 21MB

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I tried a shorter Youtube with similar video streams available.

This is the file size I got downloaded:

[480p] in flv = 544MB

[Medium] in mp4 = 310MB

[HQ5] in flv = 166MB

I watch the video files and cannot really see the difference of these video file. Can you please tell me how to compare the video qualit? I am kind of confuse.

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eg for a file

(changes depending on the size of each video that you dowload)

Only the size by file not the order

De la meilleure à la qualité la plus faible

exemple pour un fichier

(la taille change en fonction de chaque vidéo que vous téléchargez)

Uniquement la taille du fichier pas l'ordre du classement

If exist / si cela existe : 10080 & 720 HD

1080.flv or 1080.mp4___ xxx xxxko

720.flv or 720.mp4___xxx xxxko

480p.flv___38 003ko

HQ135.mp4___35 995ko

360p.flv___25 425ko

medium.mp4___24 989ko

HQ134.mp4___16 109ko

HQ5.flv___12 331ko

HQ133.mp4___10 379ko

HQ141.mp4___9 787ko

HQ36.mp4___9 753ko

HQ140.mp4___4 876ko

HQ160.mp4___3 754ko

MOBILE.3gp___3 398ko

HQ139.mp4___1 827ko

Được chỉnh sửa bởi NORSOREX vào

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1. Go to DownloadHelper Preferences>Capture>YouTube>Display HQ Prefix. 2. Select [HQx np WxH] or any other option containing WxH. 3. Close Preferences. 4. Refresh your Youtube Page.

Now you will be able to see the video resolutions also when you click on the DownloadHelper arrow in toolbar. Select desired resolution.

P.S. DownloadHelper works best with DownThemAll.

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