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How do I block pop ups from a specific site (voldy.to)? Every time I try to get on it tells me to install a player but after i do the popup wont go away!

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Every time I try to get on one of my favorite sites (voldy.to) a pop up tells me I need to install a specific player. But once I did nothing changed. I already uninstalled the player but I want to watch my shows again! Please help.

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Do NOT use voldy.to/primewire.ag/1channel.ch

primewire.ag was an authentic domain branching from letmewatchthis.ch but has recently been hacked and is now redirecting to voldy.to which is a cracked copy of the original and they've flooded it with trogans. 1channel has also been hacked.

Only use letmewatchthis.ch. The header currently tells you to use primewire.ag but that information is outdated. Keep an eye out for when the creator gives more information on the situation in the header at the top of the site.

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I don't understand why you want to stick with http://voldy.to/ only..there are lot more websites offering same services .. http://solarmovie.so/ http://movie25.ws/ you can go with them...you will not have any kind of problem . 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy watching.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards baken