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Resize issue with app (npapi plugin) embedded in firefox

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Hi ,

issue:: When firefox is resized the embedded mfc application (which uses apapi plugin for embeddation) is unable to fit in the resize window(firefox).

NOTE:: Till 17.0 version the issue was not there , post 17.0 this issue is reproducible.

Some HINT:: whenever resized WM_PAINT (message 15 ) is send to application The code flow (pre 18.0 firefox version to embedded application)::

     1)  pWnd->WindowProc(nMsg, wParam, lParam)

     2) CWnd::WindowProc ---> if (!OnWndMsg(message, wParam, lParam, &lResult))
		lResult = DefWindowProc(message, wParam, lParam);
     3) this in turn calls CView::OnPaint() 

Now from 18.0, I am unable to get any call to my application.

Please help me out.

Let me know for further clarification

Thanks Abhi

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Hello Abhi,

I'm sorry that you're having issues with Firefox. Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of assistance that we can give on SUMO.

I would suggest either creating a bug for this issue on Bugzilla against the Windows client or reaching out to the community at Stackoverflow.

They may have encountered this issue previously and have a workaround you can use.

Regards, Patrick